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Utah Badlands Timelapse Workshop 2024

Unlock the power to bend time, one frame at a time with Jess Santos, Ryan Oswald and special guest instructor Robert Oleysyck, happening May 8th to 12th, 2024. This isn't just your average photography workshop. It's a warp-speed journey to becoming a timelapse wizard.  We'll also witness views that are so epic, they'll make you wonder if you're on another planet. We're not your typical tourists who follow the crowd. Nope, we're like Indiana Jones, always searching for hidden gems in the wild west. Creating captivating timelapse sequences that'll make you the "time lord" and watch your creativity unfold with each tick of the clock... or click off the camera.


Focusing on night timelapse, we help you refine your skills and teach you our advanced night photography techniques. Then we take you into the digital darkroom to learn the processing of your images from start to finish. More than that we value the experience of adventuring in the outdoors and will encourage you to enjoy staring up at the stars with us while wandering the dirt roads of these alien Utah landscapes. 👽


Then jump into Timelapse that spans from the Milky Way to sunrise. We have left the itinerary flexible to capture night into day timelapse or vice versa, The Holy Grail. If it rains or conditions prove unsafe to venture out we will work on post processing, image critiques and in classroom sessions, there's always so much to learn both in field and in the classroom!


*** Add-on Opportunity: Timelapse Meets Video // May 13th to 15th // $900 ***


This is where time stands still and rushes forward all at once, a place where the magic of timelapse photography and the art of videography come together  in perfect harmony. Here you will transform mundane moments into cinematic masterpieces and capture the world's fleeting beauty in a captivating narrative.


This add-on is your ticket to unlocking the secrets of merging time and motion seamlessly, turning your creative vision into one epic movie. We'll show you how to make time your canvas, your camera the brush, and the resulting film, true magic. Bend the clock, blur the lines, and craft stories that will leave your audience spellbound and inspired.


The ultimate fusion of past, present, and future – the timelapse revolution!




Our adventures will start after the sun goes down. We will begin each evening with classroom time to prepare you for the shoot ahead. We will then head out to location in time to watch the moonlight fade and the Milky Way rise over the desert landscape.




In true night owl fashion, we will have breakfast after sunrise, and sleep during the day. We recommend bringing ear plugs and an eye mask if you are a light sleeper!


We are limiting the group size to 10 students to ensure that everyone recieves our attention and to keep compositional possibilities uncluttered.


This workshop will require moderate hiking (no more than 3 miles) through rocky or sandy terrain.

Utah Badlands Timelapse Workshop 2024

  • This workshop includes:

    - Hotel Lodging on all nights based on Single Occupancy

    - Timelapse Photography, Videography, Post Processing Instruction, Image Critiques

    NEW! Post Workshop Zoom Editing Session

    - Park Entrance Fees


    This workshop does NOT include:

    - Ground Transportation or Airfare from your home to Hanksville, Utah

    - Ground Transportation to all shooting locations. These are backcountry roads, this means a High Clearance Vehicle is REQUIRED (4x4 recommended, but not required). Please contact us if you need assistance in securing a capable vehicle. No previous dirt road driving experience required.

    - Does NOT include lodging for add-on portion

    - Travel Insurance

    - Meals & Snacks

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