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Capture the magic of the Mojave Desert on our Night Photography Workshop with Jess Santos and Ryan Oswald from March 13th to 17th, 2024. Discover new creative techniques for light painting among ghost towns, puzzles of granite boulders and groves of twisting joshua trees under the moonlit sky. The Mojave Desert has a rich history steeped in gold rush ghost towns and these relics of the wild west are the perfect place to tell a story with light and imagination. Immerse yourself in the rich history of gold rush ghost towns and use them as the perfect backdrop to tell your story with light and imagination.


This workshop was meticulously designed to expand on the traditional night photography techniques of light painting, star trails, moonscapes, twilight scenes and of course the Milky Way. These dates were specifically chosen to teach you our tips and tricks in combining enchanted moonscapes and the stars, thus creating powerful night images. You will also learn how to use moonlight to your advantage to capture dazzling night sky imagery that tells a story. 


Underground Adventures


Watch your head! This workshop features not one, but two underground locations. We kick off the workshop with an entirely different experience. Our first location is a private photography tour of

Mitchell Caverns in the foothills of the Mojave Desert.




We are the first and only photography company to currently offer this experience. You the adventurer get to travel into a completely different world and really put your creative light painting skills to the test.


This workshop is a little different...

Every attendee will have their own self-contained room on wheels! We are securing overland rigs (or similar) for this adventure. Because of the remote nature of this location, having the freedom to base camp near our locations allows us more photography time.


Together we will take you on a backcountry journey that will leave you with wild photographs and wild experiences. Many of the photography locations in this workshop are hidden amongst a vast system of backcountry trails in the Mojave Desert and there is no better way to explore them than outfitted with your very own overlanding rig. 


Pack your camera, your sleeping bag and your favorite pillow... leave the rest up to us! Even the cooking, breakfast and dinner are provided on this workshop in true camping style.


(Please see adventure inclusions below for more info and/or send us a message)




We will be including a Post Workshop Group Zoom Editing Session to cover putting it all together in the digital darkroom, this will be screen recorded for you to be able to finish your images at your leisure.




⛰ All experience levels are welcome.


We are limiting this photography workshop 10 students with 3 Instructors based on vehicle availability, to ensure that everyone receives our attention and to keep compositional possibilities uncluttered.


This workshop is astrophotography based so we have kept the itinerary flexible to be able to pursue the best available clear skies at night and the best light available during the day. If it rains or conditions prove unsafe to venture out we will work on post processing, image critiques and in classroom sessions, there's always so much to learn both in field and in the classroom!


This workshop will require minimal hiking (no more than 2 miles) through rocky or sandy terrain.

Overlanding Mojave Desert Night Photography Workshop 2024

  • This workshop includes:

    - Due to liability, rental and insurance agreements, clients will be responsible for fees and paperwork related to the rental vehicles. All vehicles will be sourced by us for you to ensure it's capability. If you have your own overlanding rig this does not apply. Rental fees are NOT included in the tuition cost of the workshop and can range from $175 - $275 per day.

    - NEW! Post Workshop Zoom Editing Session

    - NEW! Breakfast and Dinner Camp Style

    - Photography Instruction, Post-Processing Instruction, Image Critiques


    This workshop does NOT include:

    - Ground Transportation or Airfare from your home to Las Vegas, Nevada

    - Lodging for the duration of the add-on (your overland rig can be extended to accomodate the add-on dates)

    - Travel Insurance (highly recommended)

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