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Traverse the vast expanse of Death Valley alongside, Jess Santos & Ryan Oswald, from March 24th to 29th, 2024, in this ridiculously immersive Night Photography Masterclass. We’ll navigate through drifting sands, dodge volcanic rock, frolic on sparkling salt flats, and even get up close and personal with textured mud playas. Trust us, Death Valley National Park is a compositional wonderland that will get your creative juices flowing like a waterfall in the desert (yes, we said waterfall in the desert!)


To the untrained eye, the desert may seem as exciting as watching paint dry. But with our guidance, you'll discover that this seemingly barren wasteland is actually a treasure trove of hidden layers, textures, and lines. And hey, if we're lucky and the photography gods smile upon us, we might just witness a wildflower extravaganza where carpets of vibrant blossoms sprout from the desert floor, saying, "Ta-da! Look at us, defying all odds and bringing color to this sandy playground!"


We've lost track of the number of nights we've adventured through the desert, we'll show you some of the iconic locations along with our top-secret, off-the-grid hideouts. This workshop spans both Death Valley National Park and the gems of Alabama Hills. Our astrophotography masterclass is designed to take your skills to new heights and empower you to capture awe-inspiring images that truly showcase the beauty of the Milky Way.


What sets our masterclass apart is our commitment to providing you with a comprehensive learning experience. We go above and beyond the basics, immersing you in every facet of astrophotography. From mastering the art of capturing single images to delving into advanced techniques such as image stacking, star trails, timelapse, and tracking, we leave no stone unturned. Register Today and Master the Stars!




We will be including a Post Workshop Group Zoom Editing Session to cover putting it all together in the digital darkroom, this will be screen recorded for you to be able to finish your images at your leisure.




⛰ All experience levels are welcome.


We are limiting this photography workshop to 10 students with 2 Instructors to ensure that everyone receives our attention and to keep compositional possibilities uncluttered.


This workshop is astrophotography based so we have kept the itinerary flexible to be able to chase clear skies at night and light during day. If it rains or conditions prove unsafe to venture out we will work on post processing, image critiques and in classroom sessions, there's always so much to learn both in field and in the classroom!


This workshop will require moderate hiking (no more than 3 miles) through rocky or sandy terrain.

Death Valley Photography Masterclass 2025

  • This workshop includes:

    - Hotel Lodging on all nights based on Single Occupancy

    - Photography, Post Processing Instruction, Image Critiques

    - Park Entrance Fees


    This workshop does NOT include:

    - Transportation to Shooting Locations, Starting in Lone Pine, California

    - Travel Insurance

    - Meals, Snacks & Drinks

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