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Chase the wildflowers of Colorado on this photography workshop with Jess Santos & Ryan Oswald on July 24th to 28th, 2024. This workshop is designed to capture the pastel blues of the colorado columbine, vibrant pinks of indian paint brush and many other native blooms all backed by glorious, towering peaks. 🏕🌸


We will be photographing these dramatic landscapes during sunrise, sunset and under the stars using advanced photography techniques such as focal length blending, exposure blending, focus stacking, composites, blue hour blends etc. We show you how to analyze and capture the scene from start to finish to tell your story. Also learning how to use wide angle lenses to create depth and dimension and really bring the viewer into the photograph.


We will be staying at a Mountain Top Cabin!

This cabin is no ordinary lodging spot. It's perched at a breathtaking 12,000 feet above sea level in Picayune Gulch, giving you jaw-dropping views of the Animas River headwaters and the ghost town of Animas Forks. Who needs cable TV when you've got nature's own blockbuster right outside your window?

Sure, the Ritz might have fancy amenities and all, but can it make your heart race as you explore the untamed beauty of the San Juan Mountains? I think not! This cabin is the real deal, where the views are so mind-blowing, you'll forget all about room service and pillow mints.




We will be including a Post Workshop Group Zoom Editing Session to cover putting it all together in the digital darkroom, this will be screen recorded for you to be able to finish your images at your leisure.




⛰ All experience levels are welcome.


We are limiting each group to 8 students, to ensure that everyone receives our attention and to keep compositional possibilities uncluttered.


This workshop is very much based on weather so we have kept the itinerary flexible to be able to pursue the best available light for the scene. If it rains or conditions prove unsafe to venture out we will work on post processing, image critiques and in classroom sessions, there's always so much to learn both in field and in the classroom!


This workshop will require minimal hiking (no more than 1 mile) through rocky terrain at high elevations.

Colorado Wildflower Photography Workshop 2024

  • This workshop includes:

    - Mountain Top Cabin Retreat: We have secured a one of a kind experince in an incredible cabin high atop the san juan mountain range. Because of this unique opportunity, there will be double occupancy rooms. If you would prefer to camp please let us know.

    - Photography Instruction, Post-Processing Instruction, Image Critiques

    - NEW! Post Workshop Zoom Editing Session


    This workshop does NOT include:

    - Ground Transportation or Airfare from your home to Silverton, Colorado

    - Ground Transportation to all shooting locations. These are rugged backcountry mountain roads, this means a High Clearance 4x4 Vehicle is REQUIRED. Please contact us if you need assistance in securing a capable vehicle. No previous 4x4 driving experience required.

    - Travel Insurance (highly recommended)

    - Meals, drinks and snacks. (we will coordinate to do group dinners, but the rest of the food is up to you) The Cabin does have a kitchen.

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